Support the project

Compelled by the need to take action against Covid-19 contagion, Fondazione Fiera Milano has established a Fund for the war on coronavirus.

Support the project

The purpose of the Fund is to support the healthcare system in providing rapid response to the Covid-19 outbreak, thus safeguarding the health of the population. Specifically, the Fund supports the project for the construction of a pop-up hospital in Portello Pavilions 1 and 2.

Any natural person or legal entity, with or without corporate status, that shares the Fund’s goals in the war on coronavirus may make donations to help expand the availability of resources, consistent with the aims of the Fund.
As per Fund Regulations, all donations will increase the amount available in the Fund and will be used immediately and in their entirety to move the projects forward in line with the scope of the Fund.

Thanks to the non-profit nature of the Fondazione di Comunità di Milano, donations by business and professional income earners are tax-deductible, pursuant to Article 27 of Law No. 133 dated 13 May 1999, regarding the management of national emergencies.
Bank routing details for contributions to the Fund are as follows:
ACCOUNT NAME: Fondazione  di Comunità di Milano Città, Sud Ovest, Sud Est e Adda Martesana onlus
BANK: Intesa Sanpaolo spa
IBAN: IT18Y0306909606100000162571
PAYMENT DESCRIPTION: Fondo Fondazione Fiera per la lotta al coronavirus – Ospedale in Fiera

For details and donations:  Fund regulations

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